Week of December 8, 2008

Spelling Words:

Unit 14

apron, button, canyon, certain, chicken, cardigan, cotton, dragon, even, fountain, gallon, horizon, listen, orphan, pardon, pollen, prison, siren, swollen, driven, dolphin, opinion, oxygen, veteran, option Spelling Game

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Theme 3 Vocabulary Words

Lesson 14
hermit, fascinated, occasionally, timid, peculiar, drab, trembling, dashed
Theme 3 Lesson 14
Lesson 13: treacherous, drudgery, plunge, altered, smoldering, altered, scoffed, skeptically, discouraged
Theme 3 Lesson 13
Lesson 12: eruption, depths, gradually, revealed, contract, constant, immediate
Theme 3 Lesson 12
Lesson 11: predators, traits, avoid, resembles, mimic, lure, obvious, deceptive
Theme 3 Lesson 11

Theme 2 Vocabulary Words

Lesson 10

comprehend, pliable, solitary, scan, vulnerable, exuberant, mature, lumbers, encircle, nurture

Lesson 9

unique, infest, intervals, delicate, flexible, bond, inspires, preserve

Lesson 8

impressed, slick, nimble, cease, exist, fierce

Lesson 7

reluctant, rumpled, surge, inspecting, taut, untangled, resounded, lurked

Lesson 6

attentive, darted, swerved, contradicting, responsible, jostling, pounced

Vocabulary Practice

Theme 2 Lesson 10`

Theme 2 Lesson 9

Theme 2 Lesson 8
Theme 2 Lesson 7
Theme 2 Lesson 6

Theme 1 Vocabulary Words

Lesson 1

annoyed, depriving, foisted, pact, queasy, venture


flinched, fluke, gaped, glared, legendary, muttered, snickering, stunned

Lesson 3

clusters, particular, sizzles, sparkling, stroll, surrender

Lesson 4

accusing, averted, craned, cringed, fury, interrogation, solemnly, stern

Lesson 5

culinary, downcast, consternation, vivid, extensive, serenely, reminsicent, pensive, recruit, commenced

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Theme 1 Lesson 1
Theme 1 Lesson 2
Theme 1 Lesson 3
Theme 1 Lesson 4
Robust Vocabulary Lesson 5