Alabama Scrapbook and Scavenger Hunt

Ms. Smithwick's fourth graders will take part in an Alabama Scavenger Hunt! Collected items will be kept and maintained in a scrapbook, which will be due at the end of the year. (May 2, 2008) The goal is to collect as many items as possible for the scrapbook. Each item has a designated point value. Your goal is to get at least 100 points. Some of these items are easy to find and may even be found at school or on our field trip to the state capitol. Others may require a little extra effort. Scrapbook creativity is important and can add up to 15 points to your total grade.

Have fun searching and exploring Alabama the Beautiful!!!!

5 points each
  • Leaf from our state tree
  • Picture of the state bird (photo, coloring, drawing)
  • Article about Alabama's population (newspaper or internet)
  • Article about the record high or low in Alabama
  • Logo from a sports team in Alabama
  • An article about a natural disaster that took place in Alabama
  • Colored drawing or picture of Alabama State Flag
  • Map of Alabama
  • Map of Childersburg
  • Headings from the Birmingham News, The Daily Home, The Montgomery Advertiser, and The Anniston Star
  • List of current state officials (Governor, Lt. Governor, and Secretary of State)
  • Information about at least 5 Alabama bodies of water
  • Information about at least 5 Alabama Authors
  • Create a time line that includes at least 10 significant events in Alabama History

8 points each
  • Photo of you in front of the local fire station or fire truck
  • Photo of you in front of Childersburg City Hall
  • Business cards of at least 5 Childersburg businesses
  • Autograph from the Mayor of Childersburg
  • Autograph from the Executive director of the Childersburg Chamber of Commerce
  • A brochure of a State Park
  • Photo of you in front of the State Capitol Building
  • Something proving that you have been to the Childersburg Library or the Comer Memorial Library
  • Something proving you have visited the Kymulga Grist Mill
  • Something proving that you visited The Alabama Department of Archives and History, The Civil Rights Museum, The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame,The International Motor Sports Hall of Fame or The Huntsville Space and Rocket Center.

10 points each
Autograph from the Governor

Thanks to Mrs. Dunn from Arkansas for having this idea that inspired the creation of this Alabama Scavenger Hunt and Scrapbook.